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Nicola Petersen
Partner | Brite GmbH

Nicola Petersen began is career on the social Media platform YouTube where he founded and build up the largest channel in Switzerland with over 1.5 Million daily viewers. After it’s successful sale he ventured into the eDiscovery space where he acquired a stake in Brite GmbH in late 2016. He is responsible for outside investment, online sales and software testing. One of his biggest achievements was brining Brite into the H2020 vehicle which gave the firm a large sum to expand its development team. Nicola holds a high school degree in economy and law.

Over the last 20 years, we have seen innovation accelerating like never before. Industries are benefiting in many ways from new technologies and release break through inventions almost on a yearly basis. However, one sector has yet to experience such innovation on a large scale: The legal sector! Why? Dealing with highly sensitive and strictly regulated informations makes it challenging for new technologies to enter the market as fast as we see it in other industries. Market entry is very difficult and only possible for those who clearly could demonstrate quality and benefit whilst not decreasing the lawyer’s importance. This has resulted in making the legal technology sector very new to outside investors, venture capitalists and angel investors. Law is a huge industry, which is providing legal entrepreneurs a tremendous opportunity to revolutionise certain areas completely. We just have to continue to work hard and qualitatively… I am confident it will be worth it!


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