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Dr. Manuel Meder
Co-founder, CEO | BusyLamp GmbH

Herr Dr. Manuel Meder zählt zum Gründerteam von BusyLamp, einem auf web-basierte Lösungen für Rechtsabteilungen spezialisierten Softwareanbieter. Als Mitglied der Geschäftsführung verantwortet er die Bereiche Customer Success, Marketing, HR und Finance. Vor der Gründung von BusyLamp arbeitete Herr Meder als Rechtsanwalt in internationalen Anwaltskanzleien, zuletzt bei Allen & Overy im Bereich Corporate/M&A. Er studierte Rechtswissenschaften in Frankfurt und Mailand/Italien und promovierte in Frankfurt und Berkeley/USA.

Dr. Manuel Meder is Co-Founder of BusyLamp, a provider of web-based software solutions for legal departments. As a member of the management board, he is responsible for Customer Success, Marketing, HR and Finance. Prior to founding BusyLamp, Dr. Meder worked as a lawyer in international law firms, most recently at Allen & Overy in the Corporate/M&A practice area. He studied law in Frankfurt, Germany and Milan, Italy, and wrote his doctorate in Frankfurt and Berkeley, USA.

Legal departments are under increased pressure to improve visibility of their external legal spend, to identify and action cost-reduction opportunities, and to better budget spend and manage legal counsel and vendors. Knowing where to get started and which are the priorities can be a daunting task. First, do a check of current processes and challenges and identify areas where you want to improve. Think beyond your immediate team and make sure your aspirations align with wider business goals and strategies. Finally, define what success will look like. This is where KPIs come in. It is very hard to establish if the department is achieving its goals if a) a measurable target is not set, and b) progress to the goal is not measured.



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