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The authors of the LRZ


Dominik Bach-Michaelis

Dominik Bach-Michaelis

Gründer; Vorstand, e.Consult

Dominik Bach-Michaelis

Dominik Bach-Michaelis

Founder; Management Board, e.Consult

Sven Bösing

Sven Bösing

Attorney-at-law, Associate | Schalast Rechtsanwälte I Notare

Tom  Braegelmann

Tom Braegelmann

General Counsel, Leverton

Dr. Jochen Brandhoff

Dr. Jochen Brandhoff


Information for authors


To ensure strong networking, we set up an author profile for each author, which can be accessed from the start page of the LEGAL REVOLUTIONary, from the author page and from the page of their contribution by clicking on their name or image. Through their author profile they can introduce themselves personally and link their social media and a homepage.


The author is largely free to choose the length of the contributions, the style, graphic and visual means. Visualisations such as illustrations, sketches or diagrams can be added to the contributions by our authors for illustration purposes. The articles are published in English or German. We kindly ask our authors to use the footnotes only for the proof of the sources and not for explanations or comments.


The LEGAL REVOLUTIONary is citable. Each article is available as a PDF file with margin numbers and consecutive page numbering.


Recently, the LEGAL REVOLUTIONary established an ISSN. Therefore all contributions can be accessed as PDF files and as HTML versions via the database of the German National Library.


The contributions can be shared via social media.


An annual print edition of the LEGAL REVOLUTIONary is published to coincide with the annual LEGAL REVOLUTION Expo & Congress, Europe's groundbreaking congress exhibition for the entire legal, compliance and corporate practice community.


Authors will receive a free two-day „Expo & Congress“ ticket which will give them free access to enjoy the Legal Revolution Expo & Congress 2020 event.


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