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Citation Method

Every article in the LRZ is available in both HTML and PDF formats. Both formats feature paragraph numeration and can be cited in the same way.
We recommend the following format for citing LRZ articles using the Blue Book citation model:

in Printed Media:

Cantaris, Legal Methodology and Digital Transformation, LRZ 2021, 246, at 250.

[Last Name], [Title], [Publication], [Starting Paragraph], at [Paragraph(s) Quoted]

in Online Media:

Cantaris, Legal Methodology and Digital Transformation, LRZ 2021, 246, at 250, Methodology and digital transformation (Last Accessed: 04 August 2021).

[Last Name], [Title], [Publication], [Starting Paragraph], at [Paragraph(s) Quoted], [Link to Article] (Last Accessed: [Date of Last Access]).

in Wikipedia:

Claus-Wilhelm Cantaris: Legal Methodology and Digital Transformation. In: 7 July 2021, Last Accessed: 4 August 2021

How to create citations in Wikipedia:

Open the VisualEditor and click on "Edit". From here you will go to "Cite". Then, first select, "Manual", and finally, "Website".
A form will appear, which you can fill out:


First and last name of the author


Enter the URL of the article's HTML version

"Name of the Website"

LRZ - Law in the Digital Economy


Indicate the date of publication (dd-mm-yyyy)

"URL Access Date"

Enter the date the article was last accessed

"Add more information"

Under "Pages", enter the page numbers or paragraph numbers of the article


Citation Guide for the LEGAL REVOLUTIONary  

Prior to July 2021, the LRZ was called LEGAL REVOLUTIONary – Journal for Law in the Digital Economy. Every article in the LEGAL REVOLUTIONary is available in a citable PDF version with paragraph numbers and consecutive page numbering. The HTML versions, however, do not yet contain consecutive paragraph numbers. Citation recommendations for the LEGAL REVOLUTIONary remain unchanged:

Cantaris, Legal Methodology and Digital Transformation, LR 2021, 159, at 165.




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