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Simon Elven
Commercial and Marketing Director | Tikit

Tikit is part of BT Group and over 25 years has grown to be a leading provider of innovative and specialist technology to the legal and professional services sectors with over 1,500 clients globally.

With technology ‘ecosystems’ that are made up of their own software (Tikit Carpe Diem, Tikit Connect, Tikit Template Management System and Tikit Partner for Windows), and other leading providers applications, Tikit works in partnership with its clients to build technology solutions that enable them to flourish, now and in the future.

To learn more about how our solutions could help your firm, please visit the Tikit booth 101 (level 1), at Legal Revolution in Frankfurt on the 4 and 5 Dec, 2019 or visit our website.

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At first glance it may look as though trust and technology don’t go together at all. Yet trust is a critical component for firms that want to build longstanding and lucrative client relationships – and technology can be deployed to help build it. This article explaines exactly how.

It might not seem as though trust and technology are complementary. After all, isn’t technology just a hard fact, while trust is an elusive, and perhaps also a fragile, emotion – hard to build, easy to destroy and difficult to measure?



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