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Karla Schlaepfer
Design Thinking and Innovations Coach | Legal Design Change

Karla Schlaepfer is a Uni lecturer, agile coach, author and creative legal change advocate


Founder of LegalDesignChange which draws on Karla’s over 20 years of experience in human-centered value creation and her passion for optimizing law firm workflows with agile frameworks.  Today, she advises legal clients with an entrepreneurial eye and cross-industry experience. As a professional change coach, Karla specializes in guiding legal leaders to 21st century skills, leading innovation, problem solving and as a sparring partner for crafting healthier and mindful team collaboration.


Karla is a University of California Berkeley graduate and the author of books on Design Thinking and Cultural Change. She is a certified Scrum Master and Product Owner and gets excited about learning and exploring new ways of carrying out tasks with digital tools.





Digital agency consulting with law firms and legal departments to help these operate more efficiently, develop innovative teams and the human-centered skills that support New Legal Work. We offer remote coaching, consulting and workshop facilitation. For example, Design Thinking for Legals, Legal Innovation, Design Sprints, Strategy Sprints, Growth Mindset and team based agile processes.

Contributions by the author in the LRZ

The following article outlines how to utilize the problem-solving framework of human-centered design to create meaningful new interventions that increase collaboration and help lawyers integrate a human-centered approach effectively into their legal work.

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