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Dr. Jochen Brandhoff

Dr. Jochen Brandhoff is a partner of the German law firm BRANDHOFF OBERMÜLLER PARTNER which he founded in 2011. Jochen specializes in mergers & acquisitions, corporate law, commercial contracts, and certain aspects of the law of the digital economy. He provides legal advice in English, Italian, and German.

He publishes the journal LEGAL REVOLUTIONary – Law in the Digital Economy and hosts the exhibitions and congresses LEGAL REVOLUTION and LEGAL LIVE.

Contributions by the author in the LRZ

In 50 years Google will answer any legal question immediately: Bank: „Google, the Securities Companies Compensation Fund sent me a contribution notice for 2070 in the amount of 43.5 million euros. Is that contestable?“Google: „Yes. The correct contribution amounts to 8.3 million Euros only.“Bank: „Thank you, Google! In 2019 my law firm charged 27.000 Euros for such an answer.“Google: „I know. That´s why lawyers are extinct since 2065.“



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