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Ololade Oloniyo
Legal Tech Writer, Lawyer | Aes Triplex LP

Ololade Oloniyo is a legal tech writer and lawyer. She is skilled at crafting stories and relevant insights to increase the organic reach of legal tech companies. With her content strategy, Ololade Oloniyo align business value with thought leadership to build online credibility.

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The legal tech industry has grown to be one of the most attractive and lucrative sectors over the last few years. The arrival of digital products has ushered in software applications and automation tools that reduces the huge work-load of law firms, permitting lawyers to focus on important tasks that drives business value. Book Moore, founder of My-virtual lawyer spoke about the benefits of automating legal practice at an impressive interview conducted by the American Bar Association.

“Automating your law practice can drastically improve your firm. We don’t take the human element out of our practices, but we spend less time on menial task, and more time on things that require our skills and expertise”.


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